Due Diligence

When providing bookkeeping and accountancy services we are bound by certain regulations which say
we must ensure the people we are providing services for, really are who they
say they are.

This means we must:

  • Check the information you provide about yourself
  • Check the information about your business
  • Meet with you to ensure you are a real person and you match the identity information you have given us
  • If a face to face meeting is not possible for whatever reason an online meeting would
    need to be arranged to ensure our regulatory compliance obligations are met

In order to fulfil this responsibility, we will ask you to in the first instance to provide the usual identity documents.

Photo Identity:

  • Driving Licence OR 
  • Passport

Proof of Address

  • Bank statement
  • Utility bill
  • Letter from HMRC or other government department

When providing proof of address the documents must be dated within the last 3 months.

In line with regulation Clear Methods cannot provide services without first establishing your identity