Regulation and Ethics

Clear Methods has a principled based approach to its work with clients.

 We believe regulation and ethics together provide a sound basis for good business. 

We also think to provide a professional service it is necessary for bookkeepers to have been trained and become qualified to carry out work for clients.

Providing bookkeeping and accountancy services has been regulated for some time and we agree and comply with the five fundamental professional principles of:

  • ·         Integrity
  • ·         Objectivity
  • ·         Professional Competence and Due Care
  • ·         Confidentiality
  • ·         Professional Behaviour

We believe these principles are in line with our philosophy of “Caring Counts.”

Clear Methods is a practice regulated and monitored by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. In order to have a practice licence we must be trained and qualified to the very high standards set by the Institute and must adhere to their code of conduct and membership regulations.

We want to work with clients who share similar values and appreciate our approach.